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Amide-imide Resins (R&D)

UNIDIC V-8000 Series Solvent Soluble Amide-Imide Resins


V-8000 series product are hardening agents for epoxy resins, which contain rigid imide structures and terminal carboxyl groups. They demonstrate excellent compatibility with general-purpose solvents and various epoxy resins, and provide superior heat resistance when cured with epoxy resins.


Inter-layer insulators, such as for semiconductors and printed circuit boards, build-up materials, solder resist materials, coverlay materials, encapsulant materials, buffer coating agents, planarizing agents, insulation inks for ink-jets, heat-resistant refractory coatings, heat-resistant adhesives, wear materials, carbon fiber reinforced materials and flame retardants.

Solvent Soluble Amide-imide Resins: UNIDIC V-8000 Series

Product name Appearance Internal solvent Non-volatile Content (%) Viscosity (Pa·s) Solution Acid Value
Solution Carboxylic Acid Equivalent Weight
V-8000 Brown liquid EDGA 38~42 30~100 37~43 1300~1600
V-8002 Pale yellow liquid EDGA/MEK 35~40 ~5 45~55 1000~1300
V-8005 Brown liquid DMAC 25~30 ~5 10~15 3700~5600
  • EDGA: ethylene glycol acetate (boiling point 217 °C)
  • MEK: methyl ethyl ketone (boiling point 80 °C)
  • DMAC: N, N-dimethyl acetamide (boiling point 165 °C)
  • - UNIDIC V-8000, samples can be supplied.
    - For UNIDIC V-8000, there are trial products with different solvents and molecular weights.
    - UNIDIC V-8002 and V-8005 are under development, and sample requests may take longer to process.
    - All data herein are based on measurement results by our company and are not certified values.
    Please perform sufficient tests under your company’s operating conditions and verify performance prior to use.
  Amide or imide framework   Carboxyl group
V-8000 V-8002 V-8005
V-8000 V-8002 V-8005
Branched amide-imide resin Branched amide-imide resin Linear amide-imide resin
High heat resistance
Compliance with CSCL
Low coloring
High heat resistance
Small volume new
chemical substances
High mechanical toughness
Low linear expansion
Small volume new
chemical substances
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UNIDIC V-8000 Series Solvent Soluble Amide-Imide Resins

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