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Health Foods, Food Additives

Health Foods, Food Additives

In accordance with the DIC Group's corporate philosophy, "The DIC WAY", and based on "Color & Comfort by Chemistry", we dedicate on diet and researching the functional foods as well in order to contribute to the health of people and the welfare.

DIC Spirulina

Spirulina Foods, all in one supplement

"Spirulina Foods", all in one supplement

Spirulina is an edible algae rich in vitamins, minerals, β-Carotene, and proteins with a superb balance of amino acids. DIC is a pioneer of the large-scale spirulina production site in the world and equipped advanced cultivation techniques through 30 years of experiences. DIC is one of the largest spirulina manufacturers in the world, producing 800 tons of spirulina a year by two DIC factories.

For detailed product information about spirulina, please visit DIC Lifetec Co., Ltd. website.

su;irulina(DIC Lifetec)


Natural blue colorant derived from DIC Spirulina patent no.4048420 and 4677250


Linablue® is a natural blue food colorant of phycocyanin derived from DIC Spirulina. Mixed with red, yellow and other colorants, it is possible to obtaingreen, purple and other neutral colours.

Linablue® is fully in compliance with regulatory criterias for coloring food in EU and USA as well as in Japan, Korea and other Asian countries.
It also complies with the new US criteria "microcystin free", for which DIC group has own analysis function in USA.

Like chlorophyl and carotenoid, phycocyanin takes part in photosynthesis. It is an antioxidant and has other important properties to support a healthy lifestyle.
Phycocyanin has a combined chemical structure of phycocyanobilin and protein. Nori, seaweed, eaten widely in Japan and Korea as daily foodstuff, also contains phycocyanobillin.
Unlike artificial colorants, the tongue will not be colored blue as Linablue® has almost no dyeing effect.


① Solubility
Linablue® powder can dissolve quickly in cold and warm water to make homogeneously transparent solution.

pH stability

② pH stability
Its color shade is stable at around pH 4,5 - 8,0. Aggregation and precipitation occur at around pH 4,2 as phycocyanin has a combined structure with protein. Used together with milk, egg or other ingredients containing protein, its color stability improves.

Heat stability

③ Heat stability
Being a colorant combined with protein, it is recommended to add Linablue® in solution after cooled down or at about 60°C and cool it down immediately after adding. Its stability improves in high density sucrose solution.

Light stability

④ Light stability
Its color shade deteriorates when exposed to light, but when used together with antioxidation agent like sodium ascorbate, its color stability can improve.

Solubility in alcoho

⑤ Solubility in alcohol
Precipitation occurs if used in 100% alcohol, but it can dissolve in solution with less than 20% alcohol.


When dissolved in water, the color shade is vivid sky blue.
The color shade of Linablue® is much more brilliant and vivid than gardenian blue.

How to use

Add Linablue® in 0.01 - 0.1% volume weight. Recommended to add after heat treatment of solution.


Linablue® G1
appearance: blue powder
color value (10% E): 180 - 190
storage condition: room temperature packing: 5kg in aluminium bag in carton box.

<Indication for food labels>

"Spirulina extract" both in EU and USA


Accute toxicity LD50 NLT 30.000mg/kg
Chronic toxicity Neither carcinogenicity nor adverse effect was observed.
Contamination Free from pesticide residue Free from microcystin

For detailed product information about Linablue®, please visit DIC Lifetec Co., Ltd. website.

Linablue®(DIC Lifetec)



LINABLUE® 係由高品質的DIC螺旋藻中提煉出的植物性藍色食用色素。若與紅色或黃色混用,可呈現出紫色或綠色。

LINABLUE® 符合美國,歐洲,日本,韓國,香港,台灣等國家規範
此外,針對美國新制定的規範 “無藍藻毒”,也在DIC美國研究機構中定期進行檢查,確保安全無虞。

LINABLUE® 和人工色素不同,因不帶染色性,並不會讓舌頭染成藍色。


① 溶解性
LINABLUE® 可在冷水或溫水中迅速溶解成透明溶液。

pH stability

② pH安定性
於pH4.5-8.0時相對安定。 於pH4.2附近時會產生等電點沉澱。 若和牛奶或蛋等其他的蛋白質共存,可提升其安定性。

Heat stability

③ 熱安定性

Light stability

④ 光安定性

Solubility in alcoho

⑤ 酒精溶解性


LINABLUE® 可呈現出比梔子藍色素等其他植物色素更為明亮的色彩。




色價(10%E):180 - 190




急毒性測試 LD50 30,000mg/kg以上。
慢毒性測試 致癌性,副作用為陰性。
汙染物質 未檢出藍藻毒,農藥等。

For detailed product information about LINABLUE®, please visit DIC Lifetec Co., Ltd. website.

Linablue®(DIC Lifetec)

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