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Flame-resistant Compounds and Masterbatches

Usage Example: Communication Cable

Usage Example: Communication Cable

Funecon, DIC's flame-resistant compound/masterbatch, is used in a wide range of fields including electrical cables (communication cables, internal device wiring, power supply cords, fiber optic cords), electrical facilities (lightning-resistant clamp covers, electrical cable protective conduits, underground pipes), automobiles (interior sheets, electrical cable protective conduits), building and construction materials (concrete curing sheets, duct hoses, electrical cable protective conduits, stadium seating), and home electronics (housings).

DIC's Flame-resistant "Funecon" Compound Features

Usage Example: Clamp Cover

Usage Example: Clamp Cover

Plastic products are used in broad fields because they possess the characteristics of light weight and high workability and design. However, a shortcoming of many plastics is they burn easily, and there are applications that require adding flame-resistance for the purpose of protecting lives and property. Funecon provides compounds and masterbatches that achieve a balance between flame resistance and other necessary properties. Grades are available that combine functions such as cross-linking, foaming, colorants, or static prevention. We can also research custom grades to accommodate your demands.

HF Series Halogen-free Flame-resistant Compound

Usage Example: Power Supply Cord

Usage Example: Power Supply Cord

Demand is increasing for flame-resistant compounds that do not include halogen flame retardants or antimony trioxide which have been used previously from the standpoint of environmental consciousness. Funecon HF Series is a compound that achieves a balance between flame resistance and other necessary properties without using halogen flame retardants. It has a proven record in film applications and electrical cable applications. We can also research custom grades to accommodate your demands.

Major Applications

Electrical cables

Electrical cables

DIC provides flame-resistant compounds and masterbatches used in metal electrical cables for communications, heat resistant wires used in devices, power supply cords, and fiber optic cords.

Electrical cable protective conduits

Electrical cable protective conduits

DIC provides flame-resistant masterbatches used in underground pipes, electrical cable protective conduits, and corrugated tubes for automobiles.

Halogen-free support

DIC has the halogen-free Funecon HF Series for metal electrical cables for communications, power supply cords, and fiber optic applications. We can also research custom grades to accommodate your demands such as coloring.

Flame-resistant masterbatches are economical

We stock masterbatches for polyethylene resin and polypropylene resin bases. Compared to compounds, masterbatches are economical because they are added to the resins you use.

Heat resistant wire applications

DIC has a grade for electron beam cross-linking (using bromic flame retardants/antimony trioxide) that can be used for UL 125°C heat resistant wires.

Coloring possible

By adding a colorant at a high concentration to the flame-resistant masterbatch, flame resistance and coloring can be added to plastics with the addition of one type of masterbatch.

Other Major Applications

    • Office equipment housings
    • Fiber optic cords
    • Dome baseball field blow seats
    • Concrete curing sheets
    • Clamp covers
    • Automotive interior sheets

Product Lineup

Characteristic Value Testing Method Unit UL
For Insulation For Coating
AC & DC Insulation AC Jacket DC Jacket
HF-758  HF-760  HF-765 
Melt Flow Rate JIS K 7210/
ISO 1133
g/10 min 0.1 1.4 2.2
Density JIS K 7112/
ISO 1183
g/cm 1.20 1.11 1.16
Tensile Strength JIS K 7113  MPa 13 17 14
Tensile Elongation JIS K 7113  % 480 510 580
Thermal Aging Test (136°C, 7 days)        
Tensile Strength Retention JIS K 7113  % 95 92 96
Tensile Elongation Retention JIS K 7113  % 80 93 91
Vicat Softening Temperature JIS K 7206/
ISO 306
°C 135 112 93
Volume Resistance Value JIS K 6911  Ω・cm 2.20E+15 5.15E+15 7.54E+15
Low-temperature Brittle Point JIS K 7216  °C <-20 <-20 <-20
Surface Hardness JIS K 7215/
ISO 868
Type A 95 91 88
Type D 47 39 38
Flame Resistance UL-94 - V-0 V-0 V-0
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