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Fluoro-olefin Resins

Fluoro-olefin resins exhibit outstanding weatherability.
DIC offers fluoro-olefin resins for various applications including pigment dispersion.


  Architectural Marine/
Heavy duty
Automotive Electric
Machinery Metal Wood/
Solvent-based Fluoro-olefin Resins 1 1 2     2    

Product Lineup

Solvent-based Fluoro-olefin Resins: FLUONATE

Product Name Non-volatile Content (%) Viscosity
OH Value
(Solid Content)
Acid Value (Varnish) Color
Solvent Features /
K-700 49.0~51.0 Q~U 42.0~54.0 - ≦4 Toluene,
Butyl acetate

Superior weatherability,
/standard product, exterior coating

K-702 49.0~51.0 S~V 42.0~54.0 - ≦2 Toluene,
Butyl acetate
Superior weatherability,
pigment dispersion /exterior coating
K-704 59.0~61.0 Y~Z2 42.0~54.0 - ≦4 Xylene Superior weatherability,
workability /exterior coating
K-705 59.0~61.0 W~Z 66.0~78.0 1.0~3.0 ≦4 Xylene Superior weatherability,
exposure stain resistance,
pigment dispersion
/exterior coating
  • Note: It can be used as a hardening coating at room temperature when polyisocyanate (BURNOCK DN-980, etc) is used as hardener.
    It can also be used as a thermosetting coating by using blocked polyisocyanate or hexamethoxy methyl melamine as hardener.

Solvent Soluble Fluoro-olefin Resins

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