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Floor Coating Materials/ Linings/ Civil Engineering Repair Materials

Liquid, low viscosity resins are required when using epoxy resins as floor coating materials, linings, and civil engineering repair materials. DIC's bisphenol F epoxy resins have low viscosity and have excellent workability in particular. Superior characteristics can also be added to epoxy resins by combining diluted types and fast curing types or by using polyamine or polyamide as a curing agent.

Performance Requirements & Major Corresponding Products

  • Bonding Properties

    Epoxy resins have excellent bonding properties and are suitable for use in coated flooring, lining, and civil engineering repair applications. In particular, epoxy resins that have a bisphenol backbone add superb characteristics from general purposes to special purposes.

  • Low-temperature Curing

    Curability under extreme environmental conditions is demanded in applications where epoxy resins are used outdoors. Work can be done without problems even in low temperature conditions by using fast curing types or polyamine/polyamide products.

  • Viscosity & Strength Characteristics

    When epoxy resins are used as coated floors and civil engineering repair materials, solventless types with low viscosity and mechanical strength are required. Excellent characteristics are demonstrated by using bisphenol F epoxy resins or polyamine/polyamide products.

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