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Water Transfer Printing Films

What is Water Transfer Printing?

Water transfer printing is a technique to transfer a pattern (wood grain, pebbles, abstract) printed on a special film to the surface of a material using water pressure. Not only can the pattern be reproduced on flat surfaces, but it can be freely reproduced on three dimensional curved surfaces. The design is limited by gravure printing, but products can be finished into high-class decorative products, from high gloss specifications to matte finishes, by coating in later steps.

Comparison with Other Processes

Compared Item Water Transfer Printing In-mold Insert Mold
Three dimensional conformability Optimal Poor Standard
Design Printed Printed, vapor-deposited Printed, vapor-deposited
Surface gloss, high-class impression Optimal Standard Standard
Productivity Poor Standard Poor

Aquatransa - DIC's Water Transfer Printing Film

Proposal and Design Abilities to Answer Customer Needs

Colorful pattern variations with multi-color gravure printing can be selected from a broad array of patterns including many kinds of wood grain patterns and pebble or abstract patterns according to the product's use. The undercoat's color and the topcoat's color and gloss can be adjusted to create limitless variations. DIC will propose combinations of designs and materials to meet the demands of market trends and our customers.

Design Proposal Flow

Create target information and materials on industry trends

DIC provides unique concepts based on the latest information on design trends in a timely manner.

Check and create pattern design

Customers consult directly with DIC staff (sales, engineering, design) and hold meetings on the design's image.

Create a proposal sample

Sample products are evaluated by customers and improvements continue until the design is finalized.

Mass production

Major Applications

Major Applications

  • Automotive interior components (console panels, door armrests)
  • Amusement equipment
  • Portable game machines
  • Home electronics
  • Materials for household appliances (bathtubs in modular bathrooms, counters, aprons)

Layer Composition

Layer Composition

Aquatransa Process Overview

  • 1. Preprocessing

    1. Preprocessing

  • 2. Transfer printing

    2. Transfer printing

  • 3. Washing

    3. Washing

  • 4. Coating

    4. Coating

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