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Adhesive Tape for IT Devices

Adhesive Tape for IT Devices

DAITAC adhesive tapes are used in many applications in the IT devices. In particular, the model cycle for mobile devices like cellular phones and smartphones is quick and miniaturization and new features are always being demanded.
DIC provides timely products that correspond to these needs to contribute to innovation in mobile devices.

DAITAC Representative Products

With bringing cellular telephones imparted with waterproofing features to market, DIC was among the first to develop and launch a waterproof double-coated adhesive tape that uses a special foam with a closed pore structure for the base material.

By applying DIC's glass anti-scattering adhesive film to the glass panel surface, you can add safety by preventing the glass from breaking or shattering even when dropped.

DAITAC LT6003W is a heat-sensitive adhesive tape which has excellent adhesion by thermal compression bonding. DAITAC LT6003W is optimal for bonding membrane keys on mobile devices and for bonding cases.

The DAITAC ZB series is a non-carrier optically clear adhesive tape to fix touchpanels for electronic devices like cellular phones.

#86XXCP Series, #8810SA-S Series: Superior impact resistance

Drop impact resistance is an essential characteristic for mobile devices. DIC features a lineup of double-coated adhesive tapes that resist drop impacts by our adhesive design technology.

The DIC Advantage

A supply system that can answer the detailed demands of our customers

DIC is working to develop products that are adapted to the needs of our customers. For products where punching is difficult, we will work in cooperation with the fabricator to solve your problems. In addition to Japan, DIC posses slit processing sites in China (Shanghai) and South-East Asia (Malaysia), and we can build a rapid supply system.

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