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Highly Functional Plasticizers/Modifiers

Highly Functional Plasticizers/Modifiers

Highly functional plasticizers/modifiers are suited to product development that accommodates non-PVC applications, especially in the fields of information technology, optics, and automobiles that continue dramatic growth in recent years.
DIC stocks proven products to modify resins such as rubber, urethane, acrylic, PET, and PC.
DIC modifiers naturally improve such properties as heat resistance and flowability, and they also contribute to demonstrating new functionality different than before in the fields of information technology and optics.

Representative Product Numbers

The applications for plasticizers and modifiers are limitless. Major products are introduced below.

W-23-S and PB-10 have the effect of accelerating gelling and melting of acrylic sol resins.

These plasticizers impart compatibility, heat resistance, and cold resistance to high polarity resins.

A-51 and A-55 demonstrate the effect of improving flowability in highly-filled compounds such as GF-PET and the effect of improving dispersion of pigments.

Workability modifiers improve bonding properties with metals that have high polarity and acid values and raises torque during milling.

Reactive intermediates possess functional groups (epoxy groups) and by causing various reactions they manifest functions such as interfacial activity.

W-150 is a plasticizer possessing epoxy groups that can be used as a free amine supplementary agent for sealants.
PB-10 has good compatibility with high polarity resins like polysulfides.

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