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DIC Corporation is working to develop various products in printing inks, organic pigments, and synthetic resins based on fine chemicals. In the field of additives as well, we are developing next-generation products through the application elemental technologies we have cultivated over the years to respond to increasing demands from society.

Based on the unique properties of the fluorine atom, fluorochemicals are chemicals that possess the various ranges of performance that other organic compounds cannot achieve.

DIC has a broad range of polymer modifiers that includes plasticizers, stabilizers, processing aids, and highly functional modifiers. Aiming for even higher quality and functionality, we are working to meet the challenge of developing superior products.

DIC manufactures sulfur petroleum extreme pressure additives, DAILUBE, with a commitment to the environment; preventing any possible contamination to the world's ecosystem. DIC currently enjoys a 20% market share of EP Additives globally and focuses on continuous and environmentally responsible growth. DAILUBE sulfurized additives can also be used as stabilizers in petroleum refining.

The Metal carboxylates are chemical substances consisting of metal and a long-chain fatty acid. The catalysis of the metal is applied and used as a curing promoter and adhesion promoter. The metal carboxlyate acts as a accelerator of the chemical reaction.

DIC's alkylphenols have a broad range of applications including use as the raw materials for surfactants and synthetic resins such as phenolic resins, antioxidants for polymers and oils, and polymerization inhibitors for polymerizable monomers.

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