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UV-curable Resins for Coatings (Polymer Acrylate)

UNDIC products are UV-curable resins having a wide range of applications in various industries and fields, including hard coat for plastic films such as PET and TAC.
Using DIC ’s unique resin design technologies, hardness, flexibility, viscosity and refractive index can be adjusted to meet various needs.


Classification Architectural Marine/
Heavy duty
Automotive Electric
Machinery Metal Wood/
(Plastic, films,
Optical applications, etc.)
Polymeric acrylate       2       1
  • * 1:Optimal 2:Standard

Product Lineup

Polymer Acrylate: UNIDIC

Product Number/Name Non-volatile Content
Solvent Features
V-6840 49.0~51.0 700~1500 Methyl isobutyl ketone Low shrinkage
V-6841 58.0~62.0 200~350 Methyl isobutyl ketone Low shrinkage,
high Abrasion resistance
WHV-649 43.0~47.0 2500~6500 Butyl acetate, Methyl ethyl ketone Low shrinkage,
tack-free after pre-drying
EKS-675 49.0~51.0 3000~8000 Methyl isobutyl ketone Low shrinkage,
high elongation
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