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Industrial Applications

In Industrial applications, DIC.PPS Super Tough Z Series is widely used for plumbing applications represented by water heaters. This is because of PPS's hot water resistance and the Z Series characteristics of pressure resistance and ductility are suitable for this application. PPS is progressing as an alternative to metallic materials represented by existing brass and modified PPE.
In applications for precision instrument parts, the AMORVON W Series modified PPS with a small degree of crystallinity useful for dimensional precision is optimal. For applications that require sliding characteristics like gears and bearings, grades that excel in low friction and low wear like FZL, CZ, CZL, and WL are optimal.
For laser copier and printer applications, FZL, CZ, CZL, and WL with their useful sliding characteristics in gears and shaft bearings, while at the same time having the heat resistance of PPS that withstands heat fusing, are widely used.

  • Household appliances

  • Office equipment

  • Precision instruments

    • Water heaters
      • Pump casings, impellers
      • Joints
      • Valves
    • Water faucet fixings
    • General purpose small pump casings, impellers
    • Copiers, printers
      • Drive gears
      • Bearing holders
      • Roll cases
    • Small gear pumps
    • Flowmeters
    • Watch movements

Industrial ApplicationsIndustrial ApplicationsIndustrial ApplicationsIndustrial Applications

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