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Electrical/Electronic Part Applications

PPS delivers elevated temperature performance, precision moldability, and dimensional stability to withstand the SMT process, along with the required UL94V-0 flame resistance without incorporating flame retardant additives. These characteristics make PPS an ideal injection molding product for use in producing electrical and electronic parts such as connectors, electronic control modules and sensors.
In general, FZ-1140 and FZ-2140 are primarily used because they balance the basic characteristics of PPS along with moldability. FZ-1140-D5, FZ-2140-D5, and FZ-1130-D5 low-halogen types are suitable for molded products with precise and complicated shapes such as connectors. The FZ-3600 and FZ-6600 Series highly filled with filler are suitable for optical pickup applications that demand dimensional stability and rigidity. The EC Series, capable of ultra-low pressure molding, is suitable for sealing microcoils and electronic components.

  • Principal electronic components

  • General electrical/electronic components

  • Home electronics parts, etc.

    • Micro switches
    • Capacitors
    • Photo interrupters
    • SMT-compatible connectors
    • Fiber optic connectors
    • Various coil bobbins
    • Transistor sealing
    • Hard disk actuator coil sealing
    • CD drive optical pickup bases
    • DVD drive optical pickup bases
    • Hard disk drive motor shaft bearings
    • Motor insulators
    • Button cell insulator gaskets
    • LCD projector housings
    • LCD projection TV lamp housings
    • Microwave parts
    • Electromagnetic cooker coil bases
    • Lamp sockets
    • Hair dryer nozzles
    • Steam iron parts

Electrical/Electronic Part Applications Electrical/Electronic Part Applications Electrical/Electronic Part Applications Electrical/Electronic Part Applications

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