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The DIC Advantage

Excellent Trustworthiness

DIC led the industry with its innovative PPS products and expanded applications to include applications in automotive, electrical/electronic, home appliances, office equipment and precision instrument components. DIC is actively expanding its PPS business in Asia, Europe and the United States – with a strategy to become an established global leader. Much of this success is attributable to the market's acceptance of DIC's established product quality, loyalty to the customer, commitment to research and development, large scale production capabilities and dedicated technical support.

Innovative Product Development Capabilities

DIC is a recognized leader in developing customized PPS products designed to replace metals and thermosetting polymers in vehicle power train, coolant system and electrical/electronic components. Recent years have been devoted to partnering with customers to develop products which have reduced component weight, system complexity and packaging requirements. As a result, DIC has many PPS products which are currently found in a variety of hybrid power train vehicles and other applications which demand environmentally friendly features.

Vertically Integrated Manufacturing

Unlike many global competitors, DIC employs proprietary state-of-the-art manufacturing technology to polymerize neat PPS polymer and to perform downstream custom compounding of specialized product grades containing glass fiber, carbon fiber, mineral fillers and impact modifiers – to name only a few. Because DIC controls all aspects of the production process, it permits the adoption of Total Quality principles which ensure that the customer is delivered a custom formulated product which meets the exact performance and quality requirements.

Largest Global Capacity for PPS

DIC remains the largest global producer of both linear and branched PPS products. In response to the increasing global demand for PPS, DIC has established an annual production capability of 13,500 tons by expanding polymer capacity in 2009. In the near future, DIC has the goal of expanding PPS production to 20,000 tons per year. PPS products will be delivered globally by the industry's largest compounding capacity from Japanese flagship manufacturing site and from Malaysia production plant.

A Global Network

To ensure comprehensive support of this PPS manufacturing enterprise, DIC has set up a dedicated team of global sales professionals, coordinated distribution network and regional field technical service support to provide component/tool design support and be responsible for participating in customer molding trials. In addition to delivering customer support in Japan, Asia (East Asia, South-East Asia, India), Europe (E. Europe and Russia), and North America, DIC also enlists the support of many other colleagues from the global DIC Group network of over 200 companies.

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