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For Pavement Materials: Diovar

Top coat for water penetrate pavement, Binders for heat shield pavement and for non-slip roads.

  • Top coat for water penetrate pavement: Diovar HTP-400R (A/B2 liquid)
  • Binder for heat shield pavement: Diovar HTP-460, NS-470 (low odor)
  • Binder for non-slip roads: Diovar HTP-506

Product Examples

  • Resin pavement

    Resin pavement specification example

  • Road repair

    Road repair specification example

  • Heat shield pavement

    Heat shield pavement specification example

Product Lineup

Diovar for Pavement Materials

1. Values of resin property

Product Name External Appearance Viscosity
(BM 25°C
Normal Gelling Time
(JIS minute, second)
Thixotropy Application Features
HTP-400R A/B Red, semi-transparent liquid 1.1 to 1.7 5'00" to 10'00" - Top coat High strength, quick drying
HTP-460 Light yellow, semi-transparent liquid 1.3 to 1.7 9'00" to 15'00" - Top coat Quick drying, spray
NS-470 (Low Odor) Light yellow, semi-transparent liquid 2.0 to 4.5 4'00" to 18'00" - Base material Elongation rate
HTP-506 Reddish brown, semi-transparent liquid 15.0 to 19.0 9'00" to 15'00" Yes Base material Aggregate grip strength

2. Cured material representative characteristics

Product Name Tensile Strength
Elongation Rate
Tear Strength
Hardness (Shore D)
HTP-400R A/B 45 11 - 85
HTP-460 12 80 - 62
NS-470 (Low Odor) 12 102 - 60
HTP-506 8.3 90 4.3 55

Diovar Series Standard Working Specification Examples

1. Water Penetrate Surface Reinforcement Specification

Drainage Surface Reinforcement Specification Drainage Surface Reinforcement Work Image

2. Non-slip Specification

Non-slip Specification Non-slip Work Image

3. Surface Treatment Specification

Surface Treatment Specification Surface Treatment Work Image

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