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Degassing/Aeration Modules for Water

Degassing/Aeration Modules for Water

Degassing down to the ppb level has been made possible by DIC's proprietary hollow fiber membrane. The production of clarified water can also be held down by using hollow fibers possessing a skin layer.

DIC's SEPAREL hollow fiber membrane modules are also suited to gas dissolution (aeration).

Major Applications

  • Removing oxygen and carbon dioxide from ultra-pure water
  • Removing oxygen from boiler supply water
  • Manufacturing functional water for cleaning (dissolving CO2 gas, H2 gas, N2 gas, O2 gas) *Use eFLOW for CO2 gas aeration.
  • Debubbling treatment of water for ultrasonic cleaners

Model List

Please select the optimal model number according to usage conditions like treatment flow rate and feed pressure, dimensions, and target level. DIC can also select the appropriate model for you. Please feel free to contact us.

Treatment Flow Rate (l/h) Model External Dimensions (mm) Membrane Area (m2) Withstanding Pressure (MPa)
0.6 - 60 PF-001D 60φx160 Approx. 0.5 0.3
3 - 180 PF-004D 99φx260 Approx. 4 0.3
6 - 300 EF-002A-P 109φx240 Approx. 1.8 0.3
50 - 500 PF-015 140φx530 Approx. 15 0.3
100 - 1000 PF-030 180φx615 Approx. 30 0.3
100 - 1500 EF-010 170φx430 Approx. 7 0.5
300 - 3000 EF-020 170φx880 Approx. 20 0.5
500 - 5000 EF-040P 180φx673 Approx. 40 0.6
3000 - 500000 EF-120 315φx850 Approx. 160 0.6

For detailed product information about these membrane products, visit SEPAREL website.


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