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DIC's Hollow Fiber Membrane

DIC's Proprietary Hollow Fibers Possessing a Skin Layer

With DIC's proprietary hollow fiber membrane possessing a skin layer, only gasses permeate through the membrane without leaks, even highly permeable liquids like liquids containing surfactants. And because the skin layer is approximately 1 micron thick, it is also highly gas permeable.

Excellent Durability

The skin layer has been completely integrated into the internal support layer (sponge structure). This is not a structure created by bonding the two layers together. This kind of integration offers not just excellent performance, but also excellent durability.

Hollow Fiber Structure

The difference between degassing membranes and filtration membranes

Filtration membranes filter particles of a certain size or large and they allow water to permeate through the membrane untouched. On the other hand, degassing membranes only allow gasses to permeate through the membrane, liquids do not. (In degassing treatments, a vacuum pump is required as the power source to move the gas.)

The difference between degassing membranes and filtration membranes

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