Products Used in Automobile Interiors

Materials for steering wheels and seats

Polyurethane resins

DIC’s polyurethane resins for use in synthetic and artificial leathers, which boast lightness and superb durability, are used in steering wheels, seats and other automobile interior items.

Materials for floor mats and ceilings

Acrylic resins for fiber processing

DIC manufactures acrylic emulsions that are highly suited to use in fiber processing. These emulsions are used in nonwoven fabrics and materials for automobile interiors.

Materials for seats and fabrics

Fiber colorants

DIC supplies textile printing agents, colorants for use in synthetic and artificial leathers and undiluted fiber colorants for apparel and automobile interiors.

Materials for instrument panels

Decorative films

Water-transfer printing films use printing technology to transfer a broad range of high-grade textures to surfaces.