Products Used in Vehicle Engine Rooms and Headlights

Materials for engines, motors, headlights and other applications

PPS compounds

PPS compounds deliver outstanding heat and chemical resistance. An alternative to metal materials, PPS compounds help reduce vehicle weight, making automobiles more environment-friendly...Read more

Materials for automobile parts

Functional masterbatches

Boasting outstanding flame resistance and electrical insulating properties, DIC’s functional masterbatches are favored for use in electrical cables, automobiles, building and construction materials and household electrical appliances.

Materials for automobile parts


DIC manufactures a variety of modifiers, including plasticizers, stabilizers and processing aids. Applications for these products are found in such diverse fields as IT, optics and automobiles.

Materials for automobile parts

Sulfur petroleum extreme pressure additives

Sulfur petroleum extreme pressure additives are used as metalworking fluids and in grease, gear oil and other lubricant compounds, thus playing a key role in the production of numerous automobile parts.

Materials for headlights


Alkylphenols are employed as raw materials for surfactants, as well as for phenolic and other resins, and as molecular mass modifiers for polycarbonate resin used in vehicle headlights and optical discs.

Materials for affixing automobile parts

Double-sided industrial adhesive tapes

DIC’s environment-friendly double-sided industrial adhesive tapes are used widely in the production of OA equipment, home electrical appliances and automobiles.