Products Used in Notebook PCs

Materials for electronic substrates

High-performance epoxy resins

DIC’s high-performance epoxy resins are renowned for their exceptional moldability, heat resistance, electrical insulating properties and adhesive properties. Applications for these resins are diverse, with electronic substrates a notable example.

Materials for USB cables and other items


DIC manufactures a variety of modifiers, including plasticizers, stabilizers and processing aids. Applications for these products are found in such diverse fields as IT, optics and automobiles.

Materials for electronic parts

PPS compounds

PPS compounds deliver outstanding heat and chemical resistance. These products are used in electrical and electronic parts such as connectors, electronic control modules and sensors.

Materials for affixing components

Double-sided industrial adhesive tapes

DIC’s environment-friendly double-sided industrial adhesive tapes are used widely in the production of OA equipment, home electrical appliances and automobiles.

Materials for LCDs


TFT LCs manufactured by DIC satisfy the stringent performance requirements of display manufacturers, which include fast response times and long-term reliability, contributing to the realization of larger display sizes and improved picture quality.

Materials for LCDs

Pigments for color filters

DIC’s green pigments for color filters enjoy a leading global market share. These pigments deliver outstanding brightness and contrast, thereby helping to make LCDs more energy efficient.