Products Used in Smartphones

Materials for touch screens

Waterproof double-sided adhesive tape

Crucial to making digital devices watertight, waterproof double-sided adhesive tape manufactured by DIC is used by smartphone manufacturers worldwide...Read more

Materials for touch screens

UV-curable resins for coatings

DIC’s UV-curable hard coat materials are favored for use as protective coatings for smartphone touch screens.

Materials for touch screens

Leveling agents

Used to coat touch screens, DIC’s leveling agents ensure a superbly uniform finish.

Materials for touch screens

Inks for printed electronics

DIC’s inks for printed electronics are increasingly chosen for such cutting-edge applications as the printing of wiring patterns and cathodes on touch panel substrates and others.

Materials for LCDs

Pigments for color filters

DIC’s green pigments for color filters enjoy a leading global market share. These pigments deliver outstanding brightness and contrast, thereby helping to make LCDs more energy efficient.

Digital color sample book

DIC Digital Color Guide

A color communication tool based on the DIC Color Guide, Japan’s top-selling color sample book, the DIC Digital Color Guide is an application for portable communications devices that can be downloaded for free.