What does DIC do?

“What does DIC do?” “DIC? It's a printing ink company, right?”
These pages present an easy-to-understand introduction to DIC that answers questions such as these.

DIC: Here, There and Everywhere

“DIC makes that?!” DIC products are found in all sorts of familiar places. Myriad DIC products are at work every day in the home and in the community, in retail settings and in the workplace, just to name a few. Learn more about some of the DIC products that play such a key role in modern lifestyles.

DIC: A Five-Minute Introduction

Figures and facts that demonstrate the prowess of the DIC Group, a global powerhouse with leading products in multiple markets worldwide.

Learn more about DIC

Information that will help you learn more about DIC.

This section introduces DIC's three business groups.

This section introduces the basic technologies that support DIC's product development efforts.

DIC products contribute to the society in a variety of scenes through our social living.

In 2008, DIC celebrated its 100th anniversary. This section introduces key episodes in DIC's history.

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