Sep. 21, 2018

DIC Group Company Siam Chemical Industry Cosponsors Volunteer School Painting Initiative

—Collaborative Project with Tokon International to help children learn with a smile—

Tokyo, Japan–DIC Corporation announced that on September 24–25, 2018, Bangkok-based Group company Siam Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., which is primarily engaged in the manufacture and sale of synthetic resins for coatings, will cosponsor a volunteer initiative in Samut Prakan Province to paint a school (located within a Buddhist temple) for the children of migrant laborers from Myanmar. The initiative is being organized under the auspices of Tokon International, an organization of painters that does volunteer painting around the world, guided by the slogan “Promoting world peace through volunteer painting.” Siam Chemical Industry will work with the organization to undertake a variety of tasks, including painting the exterior walls and replacing the school’s roof and toilets. 

Recent years have brought an increase in migrant laborers seeking work opportunities in Thailand. One challenge arising from this trend is the need to ensure that the children of such laborers are enrolled in school. This volunteer initiative reflects Tokon International’s keen desire to support the creation of a positive educational environment that will encourage these children to attend school and help them learn with a smile. 

Under its current medium-term management plan, DIC108, which is currently in its final year, DIC is striving to expand its polymers business with a focus on products for coatings in Asia. The Company thus views participation in this volunteer initiative as a sustainability activity closely linked to DIC Group operations in the region. Looking ahead, the Group will continue working to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society with the goal of delivering the value its stakeholders—including its customers, business partners, local communities, shareholders and investors, and employees—expect. 





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