Jan. 12, 2018

Established the Solid Compound Technical Center Asia Pacific (DIC)

-Strengthening technology development and technical services for compound products in Southeast Asia and South Asia-

DIC opened the Solid Compound Technical Center Asia Pacific in Malaysia to develop and improve products suitable for the markets in Southeast Asia and South Asia, and to strengthen its technical service structure in the compound business of polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) compounds and resin colorants. The facility is located on the premises of DIC Compounds (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (DCM) and has been in full operation since January 2017.

 Solid Compound Technical Center Asia Pacific
Solid Compound Technical Center Asia Pacific 

PPS compounds are used in automobile engine peripherals due to their excellent heat and chemical resistance. The use of hybrid cars and electric vehicles is expected to increase dramatically in comparison with conventional cars due to the replacement of metal materials for lightweight cars and the sophistication of the required characteristics through engine downsizing. Market growth in the region is expected to be around 7% per year.

In addition, resin colorants are widely used in everyday goods, packaging materials for foodstuffs, and various films. Against the backdrop of improved living standards, the market for daily-use products in the region is expected to grow at an annual rate of around 4%. Up to now, DCM has mainly been developing and improving in Japan. We have newly installed injection molding machines and equipment for property evaluation that are compatible with engineering plastics, and have established a system that can respond to the needs of customers in the region in a timely manner. This allows the region to consistently deliver product development and improvement, as well as technical services.

The Technical Center is the fourth largest compound-related technical center in Japan, China, and Europe, and we intend to steadily expand our business by strengthening our response to customer needs and winning the trust of our customers. DIC Group is working to deepen demand and expand sales globally through a unified local structure that encompasses production, sales, and technical services on a global basis. In the compound business, which is one of the growth drivers, we aim to achieve sales of JPY 43billion by 2020.



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