Aug. 23, 2017

DIC Publishes DIC Report 2017 Integrated Report Combining Financial and Nonfinancial Information

—Brings together diverse information of interest to stakeholders—

Tokyo, Japan–DIC Corporation today announced the publication of DIC Report 2017, an integrated report containing critical information on the DIC Group’s businesses, financial performance and sustainability initiatives, among others, in an efficient, easy-to-understand form. This year’s DIC Report is the Company’s first integrated report, combining the DIC Report of previous years, which centered on nonfinancial information, with information on the Company’s business strategies, operating results and other financial information.

DIC Report 2017 front cover

 DIC Report 2017 front cover

The report was designed in accordance with the principles of CUD
The report was designed in accordance with the principles of CUD       

In preparing DIC Report 2017, DIC referenced ISO 26000, the International Organization for Standardization’s standard for social responsibility, released in 2010, Japan’s Responsible Care Code; and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)’s G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines*. Having pledged to contribute through its business activities to the success of the United Nations (UN)’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted in 2015 and later summarized as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), DIC has also uses the official SDGs icons to identify pertinent DIC Group initiatives in the sustainability report portion of the report. 

With the aim of responding to the needs of an even greater number of stakeholders, DIC is preparing a simplified summary version (printed form and PDF, due out in late August), as well as a detailed version (PDF only), which contains extensive quantitative data. To tie the report’s content to information on the DIC Group’s corporate website, the summary version of the report indicates URLs for related pertinent information, as well as QR codes to facilitate easy access from tablets and smartphones. 

The DIC Group’s corporate slogan, “Color & Comfort by Chemistry,” expresses its desire to help create a society that adds rich color and comfort to people’s lives. In line with this overall goal, DIC Report 2017 was designed in accordance with the principles of color universal design (CUD), earning official certification from the Color Universal Design Organization (CUDO). Consideration was also given to the environment, with the summary version printed using environment-friendly 100% vegetable oil-based DIC inks.

Looking ahead, the DIC Group will continue to use a variety of tools to promote communication with its many stakeholders to encourage greater awareness of its activities.


* The GRI is an international nonprofit organization the mission of which is to formulate international sustainability standards. In its role as an official collaborating center of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the GRI developed the Global Reporting Standards, which apply to sustainability reporting by a variety of entities.

  CUD is a design philosophy that seeks to use color schemes that make products, facilities and structures, environments, services and information accessible to individuals with all types of color vision. 

Outline of DIC Report 2017

  • A Message from the President (comments from DIC’s president and CEO, Yoshiyuki Nakanishi
  • Topic Steady Progress in Strategic Investments
  • Financial and Nonfinancial Information (New!)
  • Overview of Materiality Analysis
  • The DIC Group’s Business Portfolio (New!)
  • Special Feature Product Development for a Sustainable Society
          > Super Engineering Plastics
             Helping to Reduce Vehicle Weight, Improve Fuel Efficiency and Lower CO2 Emissions
          > Environment-Friendly Polyurethane Resins for Use in Artificial and Synthetic Leathers
             Providing Materials the Facilitate Safe and Secure Production and Use
          > IZANO Folding Emergency Helmets
             Delivering Easy Storability and Portability, IZANO Helmets Help Prevent and Mitigate Injuries in Disaster Situations
  • Topic Helping Improve Food Packaging to Extend Product Shelf Life (Sun Chemical)
  • Directors, Corporate Auditors and Executive Officers (New!)
  • Corporate Governance
  • Sustainability Report (information on environment, safety and health (ESH), human resources management and other initiatives)
  • DIC Group Milestones
  • Third-Party Verification
  • Financial Report for Fiscal Year 2016 (New!) 

Publication Schedule
Summary version (print and PDF)
Japanese         Published in June 2017                                              
English            Scheduled for publication in late August 2017            
Chinese           Scheduled for publication in September 2017                        (Available in print only)

Complete version (PDF only; can be downloaded from the URL indicated)
Japanese         Published in July 2017                                               
English            Published in August 2017                                           



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