May 30, 2016

DIC Wins JCIA Responsible Care Jury’s Special Award

—Role of Safe Corporate Climate Cultivation Working Group activities in reducing occupational accidents commended—

Tokyo, Japan—DIC announced that it had been awarded a Jury’s Special Award by the Japan Chemical Industry Association (JCIA) as part of the 10th JCIA Responsible Care* Award program. DIC’s award was in recognition of role played by the Company’s Safe Corporate Climate Cultivation Working Group in reducing occupational accidents. The award was presented at a ceremony on May 26, 2016. Each year, JCIA confers awards on business sites, departments, groups and individuals for excellent achievements or contributions to the further advancement of Responsible Care. The JCIA Responsible Care Award encompasses awards in four categories: Grand Prix, Jury’s Special Award, Outstanding Award and Award for Effort. In 2016, awards were conferred on nine groups.


 JCIA director Yutaka Haruyama (left) and Manager Toshiyuki Tanaka, in charge of safety at DIC’s Saitama Plant, following the award ceremony 

Established within the domestic DIC Group in 2011 to bolster awareness of safety, the Safe Corporate Climate Cultivation Working Group comprises personnel in charge of safety at DIC Group companies in Japan. The working group proposes safety policies and measures and makes recommendations to the department in charge of safety within the parent company. In 2012, the working group solicited design ideas from Group employees for warning stickers illustrating 10 selected workplace hazards, while in 2013 it prepared safety posters featuring DIC’s president and CEO. Both stickers and posters were distributed to Group companies worldwide to provide visual reminders and, through the participation of the president, to encourage awareness of the importance of “safety first.” The Safe Corporate Climate Cultivation Working Group also initiated the reading out of key passages from Principles of Safe Conduct, which outlines the DIC Group’s basic safety rules, at workplaces. With the aim of making Principles of Safe Conduct easier to read and transforming the practice into a routine practice by encouraging the reading one section of the document each day, in 2015 working group edited the booklet into a block calendar. Thanks to these and other measures, the annual number of occupational accidents at domestic DIC Group sites declined from 60 in 2010 to 19in 2015.
Looking ahead, the DIC Group will continue working as one to promote Responsible Care initiatives in line with its stated objective of achieving “zero accidents.”

 Warning stickers designed by DIC Group employees.

 Warning stickers designed by DIC Group employees.


*    Activities undertaken by the chemical industry by which manufacturers and handlers of chemical substances, under the principle of self-determination and individual responsibility, conduct self-management of environmental and safety issues surrounding aspects of chemical substances, from development through disposal 

Criteria applied in selecting JCIA Responsible Care Award winners:
・Exceptional achievements in initiatives related to the six pillars of Responsible Care (security and disaster prevention, occupational safety and health, environmental preservation, communication, chemicals and product safety, and logistics safety)
・Outstanding contributions through the promotion of in-house Responsible Care initiatives
・Contributions to Responsible Care initiatives overseas
(Translated/paraphrased from the JCIA website)



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