January 15, 2016

DIC Group to Participate in Paint India 2016, One of India’s Largest Exhibitions of Coatings and Related Materials

—Capitalizing on Opportunities in the Growing Indian Market—

Tokyo, Japan-DIC Corporation announced today that it will participate, together with wholly owned subsidiaries Sun Chemical Corporation and DIC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd in Paint India 2016, which will take place from January 21–23, 2016, in Mumbai. Inaugurated in 1993, the event is one of India’s premier forums for companies to disseminate and exchange information on coatings and raw materials used therein.

The DIC Group’s Paint India 2016 booth will showcase a wide range of coatings and related products, with a focus on polymers and pigments. The booth will be organized by application, with sections focusing on automobiles and motorcycles, electrical appliances and construction, among others.
In addition to acrylic resins, epoxy resins, polyester resins and others essential to the production of coatings, polymers on display will include waterborne resins, which are attracting increased attention as an environment-friendly choice. Pigments shown will include aluminum and other metallic effect pigments, high-performance pigments for various uses, and pigments suited to use in plastic coatings for automotive interiors and highly durable coatings for building.

Outline of DIC Group products to be exhibited

Solventborne acrylic resin                    ACRYDIC
Waterborne acrylic resin                      WATERSOL
Waterborne epoxy ester resin              WATERSOL
Solventborne epoxy resin                    EPICLON
Waterborne epoxy resin                       EPICLON
Solventborne polyester resin               BECKOLITE                                                                

Organic High Performance Pigments  Quindo / Perrindo / Fanchon / Fastogen
Aluminum pigments                            Benda–Lutz
Micas                                                 SunMICA
Pigment Preparations                         Predisol / Sunsperse

ブースArtist’s conception of the DIC Group’s booth at Paint India 2016

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