Research & Development Structure

The DIC Group’s global R&D bases work as one to promote R&D of new technologies and products. DIC’s Technical Administrative Division and Corporate R&D Division cooperate with the R&D components of DIC Group companies around the world. These include DIC Graphics Corporation; the Sun Chemical Group’s research centers in the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany; Qingdao DIC Finechemicals Co., Ltd., which conducts comprehensive R&D tailored to market needs in the PRC; and printing inks technical centers (Asia–Pacific region and the PRC), polymer technical centers (Asia–Pacific region and the PRC) and PPS technical service centers (PRC and Germany). In addition, an algae research center in the United States capitalizes on the Group’s accumulated expertise as a producer of Spirulina to conduct comprehensive algae-related research in areas ranging from cultivation to practical application.

The DIC Group’s R&D Configuration

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