DIC Technical Review2007

DlC Technical Review 2007

DlC Technical Review 2007

DIC Technical Review 2007 [PDF:3,007KB]PDF


in Japanese [PDF:428KB]PDF


  1. Novel PSV-FLCDs with High Response Speed, High Optical Throughput, and High Contrast Ratio with Small Voltage Shift by Temperature: Application to Field Sequential Full Color LCDs

    in English [PDF:1,095KB]PDF

  2. Morphologies and Mechanical Properties of the Nanocomposites of Poly(butylene succinate-co-lactate) and the Organo-modified Montmorillonites Treated with Alkyltrimethoxysilanes

    in Japanese [PDF:3,006KB]PDF

  3. Quick Molecular Weight Determination of Polyester-Polyurethane Soft Blocks with Phenylisocyanate Using High-Frequency Heating Technique

    in Japanese [PDF:1,185KB]PDF


  1. Development Trend and Updates on Production of Chemicals by Bioprocess

    in Japanese [PDF:3,368KB]PDF

  2. Development of Micro Reaction Process for Industrialization

    in Japanese [PDF:4,291KB]PDF

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