DIC Technical Review2005

DlC Technical Review 2005

DlC Technical Review 2005

DIC Technical Review 2005 [PDF:3,511KB]PDF


in Japanese [PDF:187KB]PDF


  1. Current Status and Updates on Radiation Curing Resin for Coating Technology

    in Japanese [PDF:609KB]PDF

  2. State-of-the-arts Technologies of Hyper Epoxy Resins beyond History

    in Japanese [PDF:6,417KB]PDF

  3. Development and Industrialization of Liquid Crystal Materials

    in Japanese [PDF:359KB]PDF

  4. Technical Trend of High Performance Road Pavement by Synthetic Resins

    in Japanese [PDF:2,884KB]PDF


  1. Bowing Reduction in Biaxial Stretching Process of Styrenic Shrink Film and Its Properties

    in Japanese [PDF:2,173KB]PDF

  2. Direct Observation of Anisotropic Inter-particle Forces in Nematic Colloids with Optical Tweezers

    in English [PDF:135KB]PDF

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