Business Models to Improve Societal Issues

Targets and Achievements of Major Approaches

Objective/Task FY 2012 Goals FY 2012 Results Evaluation FY 2013 Goals
Promote solutions businesses adapted to changes in social imperatives Creation of solutions businesses Select specific themes from within next-generation growing fields and strive to improve customer satisfaction by creating appealing solutions businesses Extracted social needs that are rooted in global-scale issues, such as CO2 reduction and replacement for fossil fuel, etc. Promoted business plans, such as sophistication/downsizing of rechargeable batteries and power devices as solutions businesses. ★★ Research social needs
Widely extract social needs and technical themes that are rooted in social issues by anticipating global-scale mega-trends and emerging of new markets connected to them.
Improve customer satisfaction levels by utilizing DIC improvement tools consisting of product guidebooks, exhibitions and technology exchanges to achieve penetration and enhancement of the DIC brand Issued the Chinese version, Korean version, and Taiwanese versions of “product guidebooks” and held “technology exchanges” with promising domestic and international customers in response to this in order to promote the establishment of the DIC brand ★★ Provision of solutions Plan new businesses that clarify the values that the DIC Group can offer in order to provide solutions that satisfy such social needs

Capturing Changes in Social Needs

It is the cornerstone of DIC business that we propose individual solutions by combining multiple products and technologies when customers face problems. We also consider that it is important to group individual customers’ problems and capture the changes in social needs in the background. We respond to changes in social needs based on the current market. On the other hand, we also focus on activities through which we extract social issues based on mega-trends being developed on a global level in order to anticipate future social needs.

Promotion of Social Needs-oriented Business Activities

We are facing a number of evolving issues on a global level, such as global warming, fossil fuel resources running dry, and exploding population, etc. Accordingly, responding to these issues, CO2 reduction, development of clean energy, and enhancement of environmental conservation regulations, etc. are raised nowadays. A number of measures from all perspectives in order to solve these issues are requested. As a chemical manufacturer, what kind of contributions we can make to help solving these issues? We focus on marketing activities to answer this simple question. For example, there are new needs being created, such as sophistication of batteries and weight reduction of automobile bodies, etc. in response to the trend of electric vehicles, etc. Start researching the technical issues is our keynote. Based on the research, we promote technical development in order to propose specific solutions, such as materials to increase the battery capacity, technology to enhance the CFRP strength, and hard coating material for plastic, etc. Development of nano-pattern materials and printed electronics materials in the information/communication area are based on social needs for reduced size, thin, and/or flexible electronic devices due to the sophistication of information network society.

We will also proactively promote business proposals that are unique to DIC in the package & graphics area and life & living area in the same manner.

In Order to Expand Solution Proposal Possibilities

The nature of such social needs changes with time. There is a limit for DIC alone to follow and supplement these changes. Therefore, we also proactively promote technology exchanges with companies that exist closely to one another in the value chain with us to promote our technologies. The scope and possibilities of solutions that the DIC Group can propose to society will further expand through cooperation with promising companies.


Capturing social issues and requests of customers in an accurate and speedy manner

DIC has utilized a wide variety of technologies in various products to respond to social needs. In 2012, we shifted into a matrix-like organization, in order to making further efforts in the optimization of both market and product perspective. By accurately capturing the changes and new trends in the global market and always be sensitive to solve the emerging social issues with the potential of chemicals, we will raise our marketing capabilities further. We will continuously promoting activities based on market and consumer-oriented needs in speedier manner, by supplying the best suited solutions, with our comrades who are active throughout the world, with the aim of achieving “color” and “comfort” in our lives ,

Life & Living Marketing Department Senior Manager Kazuya Ideta

Life & Living
Marketing Department
Senior Manager
Kazuya Ideta

Organizational Changes to Establish a Solution Business

Organizational Changes to Establish a Solution Business

DIC had employed the product-specific divisional system, so we were not able to sufficiently capture the needs of the market or overall society. In order to overcome such issues, we have completely discontinued the product-specific divisional system and have been making drastic organizational changes since. 2012. As a result, we have become a matrix type organization containing a sales organization covering each focus market and a product division that leads product strategies with global perspectives.

Since the sales organization now covers a wide range, we can now respond to customers’ concerns with integrated products and technologies rather than with individual products as we used to. In addition, we also think that we will be able to make proposals involving processes and equipment as necessary so that our customers will be able to fully utilize the integrated products and technologies.

Marketing Activities by DIC

The DIC Group also proactively promotes marketing activities based on company-wide perspectives. We make efforts in enhancing the DIC brand values through comprehensive introductory activities utilizing tools and opportunities, such as product guidebooks, technology exchanges, and external shows, etc.

On the other hand, we also focus on activities to anticipate the needs of the overall society, such as social requirements and market changes, etc. We select specific themes and consider turning them into businesses by comparing needs information gained through these activities and possibilities of the internal technologies. Through such activities, we not only “propose Color & Comfort by Chemistry” to respond to social requirements but also contribute to achieving a society with sustainable development.


We strive for comprehensive initiatives

DIC possesses products and technologies covering quite a large range, and it is a manufacturer with the potential to turn customers into DIC fans. I think the key to this is to make accurate proposals with speed for objects and matters that customers need and to try to solve issues together with them. In 2010, we held lectures every month by inviting customers from various demand industries as lecturers to discuss what customers in each industry strive for and what they expect from DIC. Now that we have organizations for each demand industry, customers’ industries and DIC organizations can integrate with each other.
Not only that DIC is starting to make proposals with depth, but customers are also starting to see the advantages in dealing with DIC. I think we will be able to further deepen proposals that sensitively capture industry trends in the future.

Advanced Technology Marketing Dept. Manager Mariko Okihama

Advanced Technology Marketing Dept. Manager
Mariko Okihama

Communications with Customers Strengthening Communication through Exhibitions

Communications with Customers Strengthening Communication through Exhibitions

Communication with customers is important, whether in product development or sales. Through our exhibitions and other events, we are working to build more connections with potential customers to give them a deeper understanding of the DIC Group's products and lines of business.
In FY 2010 we set up our largest exhibition space ever at "Tokyo Pack 2010", the biggest packaging show in Asia. There we adopted an "Environment, Safety, and Color Expression" theme and presented DIC solutions to many potential customers. We also held private shows for individual customers in food packaging, canning and other segments, presenting DIC's elemental technologies and new products to people in a variety of industries. From February through March, 2011, we participated in the 4th International Photovoltaic Power Generation Expo and the 17th Architecture Building Exhibition 2011 where we offered DIC solutions to those in the photovoltaic power generation and architecture and housing industries.

Promoting Understanding through CSR

Tokyo Plant tour by Benesse CorporationTokyo Plant tour by Benesse Corporation

CSR study session with Artron (China)CSR study session with Artron (China)

DIC offered study session on DIC’s CSR initiatives upon request by our customers when they have plant tours. We have strived to further lead to the improvement of customer trust through the opportunities to help them understand DIC Group’s activities for the environment and quality assurance with compliance and efforts throughout the supply chain.


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