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The Sun Chemical Group, a core member of the DIC Group with operations in North America and Europe, recently revamped its website, improving search capability and simplifying navigation.

Sun Chemical introduces a new website

In October 2013, Sun Chemical launched a new customer facing global website at that can be utilized by both current and prospective customers to gain more information about Sun Chemical’s products, services and innovations.

The main goal of the website was to help customers discover solutions that suit their business needs, whether they’re a flexo printer, a packaged goods brand owner, a cosmetic formulator, a sheetfed printer, an automotive coatings formulator, a heatset printer, and more.

The redesigned website includes a bold new design, improved search capabilities, optimized content for search engine optimization, and simplified navigation. It is also socially connected.

Providing diverse value

Sun Chemical's new website
Sun Chemical's new website

The improved functionality and search capability of the site makes it easier for customers to find solutions – including products and services – that are designed to work in various market segments and for many customer applications. It is a place where customers can find what they are looking for and discover innovations that will help their businesses in the future. The site is also designed to help raise the visibility of Sun Chemical to prospective customers with the various search engines.

In addition to improved functionality and increased search capability, it is the first time Sun Chemical has included an “innovation” section on its website. The section highlights a variety of new products and services that Sun Chemical offers ranging from electronic materials, special effect coatings and low migration inks, to brand protection and brand color management.

The new site also helps to keep customers informed about developments of interest to them with the use of white papers and videos, and provides up to date information on where to find Sun Chemical at upcoming trade shows and speaking engagements.

Using Google Analytics, Sun Chemical can monitor and measure website traffic to determine:
• who is coming to the site,
• what relevant search engine keywords are used to find a webpage,
• what is being viewed,
• how long they are staying on the site,
• bounce rates for continual improvement, and
• conversion rates (white paper downloads, video views).

By using this data, Sun Chemical can gain insights into customer and prospect behavior on the website. This allows for the ability to update content in-house and flexibility to make online updates when there are changes in the business or industry.

VOICES from the DIC Group

We have created a powerful tool for communicating with customers.

The new website gives Sun Chemical an improved platform for communicating with current and prospective corporate customers, as well as with employees. Making the site more intuitive and interactive has also made it more useful. The most challenging part of the project was sifting through more than 10,000 pages of existing content to narrow down information pertinent to customers while at the same time being mindful of the importance of improving search capability, optimizing content to take advantage of search engines and simplifying navigation.

We learned through this experience that less is more. The volume of content had to be reduced to avoid overwhelming customers. Navigation had to be easy and relevant to site visitors. The information available had to enable readers to make informed decisions and to contact Sun Chemical directly.

Vice President, NAI Marketing, Sun Chemical Corporation Penny Holland

Vice President,
NAI Marketing,
Sun Chemical Corporation
Penny Holland


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