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Shielding houses and other structures from UV rays and air pollution

Promote market acceptance of a coating that resists pollution and reduces operator workloads

[Ceranate®] Hybrid Resin for Coatings

Coatings for housing, public structures, iron bridges, roads, automobiles and other objects must provide protection against rain, ultraviolet (UV) rays and atmospheric pollutants, to protect and keep such surfaces beautiful over the long term.

Even with the many varieties of coatings available today, unless a coating provides superior protection against not only rain and UV rays but also oily and acidic particulates and other types of air pollution, chances are good that repairs will be needed after only a short time. Moreover, coatings made with organic solvents contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which pose a risk to the health of painters.

Many emerging economies are experiencing vigorous construction demand, but have yet to address air pollution issues. Contamination from oily and acidic particulates classed as fine—that is, having a diameter of 2.5 µm or less—from vehicles and factory emissions is a particular concern in these nations.

Against this backdrop, efforts are increasing to promote the use of coatings that offer superior resistance to weather, pollutants and wear—thereby enhancing the appearance of structures over the long term without requiring extensive maintenance—and at the same time do not pose health risks to painters.

DIC's Response


Resource Conservation


Develop stain-resistant Ceranate® aqueous resin

Outstanding resistance to weather
Outstanding resistance to weather: Ensures superior long-term gloss retention and resists cracking

Outstanding resistance to staining
Outstanding resistance to staining: Prevents stains and delivers long-lasting attractive appearance

DIC booth at Painted India 2014
DIC booth at Painted India 2014

Fluorinated resin coatings are perhaps the most commonly used coatings for exterior surfaces. Although these coatings are impervious to rain and UV rays, their high affinity with oil results in stains from oily emissions from cars and factories. In 2008, DIC developed Ceranate®, an aqueous hybrid resin that combines polysiloxane, an inorganic substance, with acrylic resin, an organic material, using nanoparticle dispersion. Hybrid organic–inorganic molecules fuse together with the evaporation of moisture to form an exceptionally durable coating film that ensures exceptional resistance to weather. In addition to superior long-term gloss retention and excellent resistance to oily stains, this film boasts a self-cleaning capability whereby it uses rainwater to wash off dirt. Ceranate® is thus highly suited to use not only on homes, but also on rail bridges, high-rise buildings and other structures for which repairing coatings is particularly difficult, reducing maintenance requirements and delivering an attractive, long-lasting appearance. Moreover, as an aqueous resin Ceranate® requires no organic solvent, thus reducing the health risks to painters.

Self-cleaning capability ensures excellent stain resistance
Self-cleaning capability ensures excellent stain resistance


Manager of Overseas Technical Marketing,Life & Living Marketing Dept.,Life & Living Sales Administrative Div. Atsushi Miyagaki

This is an optimal coating for the environmental and structural needs of emerging economies.

Hybrid organic–inorganic molecules were made possible by DIC’s high-precision molecular design and nanoparticle dispersion technologies. Construction is still booming in many emerging economies, which suffer from worsening air pollution. In such environments, Ceranate® is a choice that delivers true value. It is worth noting that there is a theory that maintaining urban appearances helps preserve social order. We are promoting Ceranate® by highlighting the diverse benefits it offers, including its contribution to aesthetic appearances.

Manager of Overseas Technical Marketing, Life & Living Marketing Dept., Life & Living Sales Administrative Div. Atsushi Miyagaki


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