Environment-conscious Adhesives Used for Food Packaging

Adhesives used for food packaging are those adopted for the laminating process of plastic films and/or aluminum foils used as packaging materials for various kinds of food, such as snacks and vacuum-packed foods.

For the general-use food packaging materials used for snacks etc., the adhesion characteristic is mainly required, whereas, for the packaging materials used for vacuum-packed foods, various properties are required. Heat-resistant properties to allow the sterilization at high temperatures to be conducted prior to shipping or high-temperature cooking, and high-moisture resistance properties are mainly required. Solvent-type adhesives, which are used for the lamination after being diluted with a solvent, are mainly used. However, in the case of solvent-type adhesives, the release of VOC occurring at the time of dilution of the adhesive and during the drying process of the solvent thereafter is pointed out as a problem.

In order to cope with this problem, the DIC Group has developed various kinds of adhesives, including a high-solid type in which the amount of organic solvent is reduced, a water-based type for which tap water can be used, and a non-solvent type for which no dilution with a solvent is required.

An ample lineup of non-solvent type adhesives

Various kinds of snacks Various kinds of snacks

Since the non-solvent type adhesive does not require any dilution at the time of the lamination process and thereby the process of drying the solvent out can be omitted, the VOC release can be avoided, and even a sizable amount of solvent cost can be reduced. We have obtained an approval for our Food Contact Notification submitted to the U.S. FDA and thus the safety as a food packaging adhesive is already confirmed.

DIC Graphics has prepared a product lineup that covers non-solvent-type adhesives for the range from snacks to vacuum-packed foods and the entire range of usage of solvent-type adhesives.


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