Guidelines for Social Contribution Activities

Basic Approach to Social Contribution

Based on its Guidelines for Social Contribution Activities, established in fscal year 2009, the DIC Group works to ensure harmony with local communities and individuals through activities aimed at building a strong relationship with society.

The DIC Group’s Guidelines for Social Contribution Activities

In line with its Color and Comfort by Chemistry management vision, the DIC Group will promote social contribution initiatives in three areas: business activities, culture and education, and communities and society.

Business activities
The DIC Group will offer products and services that contribute to the development of a sustainable society and protection of the global environment from the viewpoint of “CSR through business activities.”
Culture and education
The DIC Group will engage in activities that will contribute to the development and promotion of culture, the arts, science and education, including fostering next-generation human resources in areas such as the culture of color and chemistry.
Communities and society
The DIC Group will strive to coexist harmoniously with local communities to develop a relationship of mutual trust. Moreover, the Group will provide an environment that enables employees to engage in voluntary contribution activities in their respective local communities.


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