Siam Chemical Industry Receives CWR-DIW Award

In 2015, Group company Siam Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., was presented with a CSR-DIW Award for 2015 by the Thai Ministry of Industry, the fourth consecutive year it has been so honored. The CSR-DIW Award program was established in 2008 with the goal of raising the global competitiveness of Thai companies. Awards are given annually to companies in recognition of CSR initiatives judged as exceptional from the perspective of the seven core subjects defined in ISO 26000, the International Organization for Standardization’s standard for social responsibility.
Siam Chemical’s 2015 award was in recognition of its energy-saving initiatives, as well as volunteer activities such as mangrove planting and community support activities, including sponsorship for blood drives. Particularly high marks were given to the progress of efforts to minimize emissions of greenhouse gases by reducing its consumption of energy, which include tracking consumption and providing pertinent information to employees. Siam Chemical pledges to continue contributing to Thai society through effective sustainability initiatives designed to benefi residents of local communities as well as protect the environment.


We will redouble our efforts to promote sustainability.

We are very proud to have earned our third consecutive CSR-DIW Award in 2014. We see this award as recognition of ongoing commitment to ensuring that our operations are in harmony with the local community. This is an honor that I share with the employees of Siam Chemical. I look forward to continuing to work with everyone on staff to promote meaningful initiatives and redoubling our efforts to contribute to the sustainability of our community.


President, Siam Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
Takahisa Yamatoya (center)

Matching Gift Program

DIC employees visit child welfare facility Ryuyouen in Komaki, Aichi Prefecture, to present a donation
DIC employees visit child welfare facility Ryuyouen in Komaki, Aichi Prefecture, to present a donation

DIC has a matching gift program whereby it matches the total amount collected through an annual year-end fundraising drive spearheaded by its employees’ union. Funds raised through the 2015 drive and matching gift program were donated to 20 children’s homes and facilities providing support for disabled individuals.

Support for Persons with Intellectual Handicaps

Charity Jogging Held in Guangzhou
Charity Jogging Held in Guangzhou

“Huiling” is an NGO that was established in 1990 by a Chinese national and supports persons with intellectual handicaps. It promotes its activities in 8 locations in China. DIC Co., Ltd. (Guangzhou) observed various activities of Huiling Guangzhou, deepened the understanding, and supported the philosophy. The company has appealed for donations from both employees and the company.

In addition, 86 employees/family members participated in the charity jogging, which was held in the “Oriental Resort Guangzhou” in Báiyún area, Guangzhou, and held social exchanges with persons with intellectual handicaps in May,2011.

Support for Reconstruction Following the Great East Japan Earthquake

IPPO IPPO NIPPON project logo
IPPO IPPO NIPPON project logo

Since 2011, DIC has provided support for reconstruction in areas devastated by the Great East Japan Earthquake as a participant in the IPPO IPPO NIPPON project, an initiative organized by the Keizai Doyukai (Japan Association of Corporate Executives) with the aim of assisting local residents in rebuilding their lives. This initiative, which is scheduled to continue for fve years, seeks to support efforts to rebuild communities and stimulate local economies by delivering funds collected from corporate and individual donors directly to schools and other facilities in need of support.
DIC has also donated funds via the Japanese Red Cross Society to assist with recovery efforts in the wake of the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake.

Keizai Doyukai:IPPO IPPO NIPPON Project

Mangrove Plantation Project

Mangrove Plantation Project

DIC (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. approved of the mangrove plantation project in the Telok Gong, Pelabuhan Klang, Selangor, Malaysia held by the Red Crescent Selangor on May 8, 2011, and donated money to fund the activity and joined the project.

The purpose of the project is to reduce environmental destruction by showing the way how to solve environmental problems to the local community as well as the participants through the activity of mangrove plantation. Ten employees of DIC took part as volunteers on the day and planted mangrove seedlings under the instruction of experts.

Initiatives Aimed at Areas around Our Plants

Initiatives Aimed at Areas around Our Plants

As part of its Responsible Care activities, the Japan Chemical Industry Association's RC Committee has organized town hall meetings across the country to strengthen communication with people locally.

In February 2011, The DIC Komaki plant organized the 5th Responsible Care Aichi Regional Town Hall Meeting at the Komaki Kinro Center, where it presented its Responsible Care initiatives to local citizens. Its presentations covered mainly safety (passing on techniques through K-SHOW)*2 and eco-friendly products, also providing reports on matters such as energy conservation, industrial waste reduction, and local support activities (Oyamagawa cleanup). The DIC Komaki plant focused especially on discussion of its production and development of environmentally conscious products such as lightweight PPS for cars, low-VOC-emission printing ink, and decorative sheets for de-plating products*1. The plant also talked about the various problems it has related to the environment. After the meeting, the plant made time to answer questions from local citizens and strengthen mutual understanding.

  • *1Passing on technique through K-SHOW: passing on techniques through training, using video to explain.

Regional Clean-Up Activities and Others

Employees of the Shiga Plant engaged in a clean-up Employees of the Shiga Plant engaged in a clean-up

Employees of the Komaki Plant serving as clean-up volunteers Employees of the Komaki Plant serving as clean-up volunteers

To help preserve and beautify the regional environment, the DIC Group has been conducting clean-up activities in places such as neighboring roads in various regions. At the plant in Konan City, Shiga Prefecture, employees take part in clean-up day activities such as "Lake Biwa Day" and "Environment Beautification Day" organized by Shiga Prefecture every year. The Komaki Plant in Aichi Prefecture positively engages in volunteer activities such as "Oyama River Clean-up Activities." Moreover, part of the sports facilities in our plants are open to local citizens, and festivals are held by inviting local citizens for realizing a better relationship with local communities.


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