Sustainability Framework and Themes

To foster concrete CSR measures, in 2007 the DIC Group examined social imperatives, the activities of other companies and key relevant materials, including the results of an external survey conducted by the Keizai Doyukai (Japan Association of Corporate Executives). Based on its findings, and to ensure the compatibility of such measures with its operations, corporate organization and functions, the Group identified 12 key themes as a framework for implementing its CSR program.

Subsequently, the DIC Group partially revised these themes in response to changes in the external environment and the progress of its efforts. Today, the Group’s sustainability framework consists of 10 sustainability themes. The Group has also introduced a system whereby these are categorized as basic themes, themes that demonstrate unique capabilities and themes that combine elements of the previous two classifications. Each fiscal year, the Group formulates targets for and an annual activity plan based on these themes.

CSR Framework and Themes for the Fiscal Year Ending March 31, 2013 Business models focused on customer satisfaction New technology development and value creation Harmony with the community and contributions to society Communication with stakeholders Environment, Safety, Health and Quality Human resources management Supply chain management Compliance BCM Information security

Expanding the Scope of Sustainability Initiatives

To guide its efforts to promote sustainability as an integral part of its business activities, the DIC Group formulates theme-specific medium-term targets and an annual activity plan for each fiscal year for the Group as a whole. Additionally, individual sales and technical administrative divisions, product divisions, sites and domestic and overseas DIC Group companies are charged with pursuing effective sustainability programs by formulating their own annual activity plans, ensuring the basic sustainability policy and targets permeate their organizations and labor forces, and linking sustainability activities to business targets.

System for Promoting Sustainability

The DIC Group’s system for promoting sustainability centers on the Sustainability Committee, which answers directly to the president and CEO and is tasked with reporting on the status of sustainability themes, as well as with proposing policies and programs for advancing sustainability and deliberating related matters as a vital component of corporate management.

System for Promoting Sustainability

Members of the Sustainability Committee

Executive officer in charge of finance and accounting;
Executive officer in charge of the Corporate Strategy Division;
Executive officers in charge of Product Segment;
Executive officer in charge of the Technical Administrative Division;
Executive officer in charge of the Production Administrative Division;
Executive officers in charge of the Sales Administrative Division;
Executive officer in charge of General affairs and Legal matters;
Executive officer in charge of Purchasing and Logistics;
CEOs of overseas regional headquarters; Corporate auditors


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