Following the DIC WAY: The DIC WAY Code of Business Conduct

In 2008, the DIC Group established the DIC Way Code of Business Conduct, which sets forth eight general and 10 specific standards of conduct to guide its efforts to fulfill its responsibilities as member of society. These standards exhort the DIC Group and its employees to conduct themselves in a manner that complies with the letter and the spirit of applicable laws, ensure occupational safety and health, respect human diversity, contribute to environmental preservation and maintain harmony between our business activities and the global environment.

Note: The DIC Group pledges to take steps to ensure the DIC WAY Code of Business Conduct into line with the ISO 26000 (issued in November 2010), the International Organization for Standardization’s global protocol for CSR standards, as well as to promote CSR initiatives from a broad perspective with the aim of keeping abreast of changing perceptions of value. With the aim of ensuring it remains a trusted corporate citizen with a proud reputation, in December 2010 DIC joined the United Nations Global Compact, thus committing itself to abiding by a set of universally accepted CSR principles.

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