Application Materials

Application Materials

This segment encompasses a diverse range of applied products, including jet inks,engineering plastics and industrial adhesive tapes, made possible by the integration of DIC’s synthesis, dispersion, coating and molding technologies.

Liquid Compounds

  • Jet inks
  • Fiber and textile colorants
  • Artificial leather colorants
  • Coatings for optical films
  • UV-curable coatings and bonding adhesives for optical discs
  • Coatings for building materials
  • High-performance coatings and adhesive materials
  • Inks for printed electronics

Solid Compounds

  • PPS compounds
  • High-performance compounds
  • Plastic colorants
  • High-performance optical materials
  • Coextruded multilayer films

Processed Products

  • Industrial adhesive tapes
  • Label stock for printing
  • Hollow-fiber membranes and modules
  • Magnetic tape and sheets
  • Plastic pallets and containers
  • Decorative boards and interior housing products
  • Decorative Films/Decorative Sheets
  • Health foods

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