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Curing Agents for Urethane Coatings

Polyisocyanate BURNOCK is used primarily as a curing agent in two-component curing systems. It is used in a broad arrange of fields, from coatings for wood working and floors, to anticorrosion coatings for bridges and tanks, coatings for automobile repairs, and automotive part coatings.
BURNOCK polyester resins, ACRYDIC acrylic resins, and FLUONATE fluoro-olefin resins have been prepared as base resin polyols. Please inquire with us for details.


Product Classification Buildings/
Building Materials
Marine Vessels/
Machinery Metal
Polyisocyanate 1 1 1   2 2 2 1
  • * 1:Optimal 2:Standard

Product Lineup

DIC has aromatic products (yellowing types) with excellent drying characteristics and aliphatic products (non-yellowing types) with excellent light resistance. Each has excellent pliability. Adduct and hard-type isocyanurate products are also available. Select the product according to your goals.

We also have weak solvent soluble types and solventless types for environmentally-friendly products. Blocked isocyanate is also available as a one-component curing agent.

Blocked Polyisocyanate BURNOCK

Product Number/ Name Nonvolatile Content (%) Solvent Names Viscosity (Gardner) Color (Gardner) NCO
(Varnish, %)
Basic Product Number Features Applications
D-550 55±1 Cellosolve acetate, ethyl acetate, others E-G <2 6-7 DN-950 Lasting color, light resistance For thermal curing types (non-yellowing types)
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