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Urethane Resins

Urethane resins are polymers composed from the copolymerization of polyol components and isocyanate components. Urethane resins possess high adherence to various base materials and high impact resistance. Since polymers can be designed that are matched to characteristics, they are used in broad array of fields including fibers, films, and metal adhesion.

General Characteristics of Urethane Resins

  • High base material adherence
  • Coating properties that possess high impact resistance
  • Balanced elongation and hardness

DIC Urethane Resins

Adhesives/Adhesive Ingredients

Utilizing its adherence to various base materials and its high elasticity, urethane resins are widely used in applications that include fiber, leather, and metal adhesives.

Coating Resins

DIC features a product lineup for building material and automotive applications. They accommodate a wide range of demands such as degree of elongation, hardness, weather resistance, and adherence.

Polyurethane Raw Materials

Please see this page for polyester polyols, a key raw material in urethane.

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