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FRP that uses phenolic resins has been gather attention in recent years because of demands for flame-retardant materials, and the number of practical applications for this has been increasing each year. DIC provides resol products that support various phenol FRP production forming methods. We are also developing environmentally-friendly products that contain few monomer components.

Product Lineup

Product Name Nonvolatile
(B type: mPa·s)
Primary Solvents Supported Forming Methods Features
DG-630 70-72 200-300 Water Continuous molding HLU General purpose, low viscosity
HP-700 73-75 400-500 Water RTM continuous molding Good room temperature curability
HP-710 73-75 350-450 Water HLU Good high temperature curability
1196 81-85 4000-13000 Water HLU drawing High nonvolatile content

[PHENOLITE HP Series composition & properties]

  • Composition: Acid-catalyst cured resol phenolic resin aqueous solution.
  • Features: Long pot life, high reactivity, demonstrates high strength. Highly flame retardant. (Glass substrate RC: Oxygen index 71 with 50% FRP)
  • Functions: Possess a highly reactive resin structure and acid-catalyzed buffer function (increases pot life).
  • Properties: Low viscosity/high concentration.
  • Applications: Building materials, automobile components.
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