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For Friction Materials

Phenolic resins that possess excellent heat resistance and durability are widely used as resins for friction materials. DIC offers a wide array of characteristic products from straight types to modified types so that we can respond to technological advances in performance.

Product Lineup

Powder resins

Product Name Resin Type Property Values Applications Features
Melting Point
1364A Straight 80-90 28-38 DP Heat resistance
P-5510 90-100 13-28 DP Heat resistance
TD-2075A Elastomer modified 90-100 13-18 DP Formability, heat resistance
TD-2126A 85-95 10-25 DP Formability, flexibility
TD-2089A Hydrocarbon resin modified 75-85 30-50 BL High temperature abrasion resistance
BI-5825A 85-99 30-50 BL, CF High temperature abrasion resistance
BI-5762K 73-83 45-60 BL, CF Flexibility, squeal
BI-5791B1 Triazine modified 90-100 10-20 BL μ-stability, squeal
BI-6266A Cashew modified 80-90 25-45 BL μ-stability, flexibility
TD-787A Epoxy modified 79-89 21-31 DP Water resistance, adhesion
TD-696A Rubber modified 65-75 35-45 Brake shoes Fast curability, flexibility
TD-2040C Solid resol resin 50-65 60-100 DP Heat resistance
BI-6279A Resol resin 63-78 38-48 CF μ-stability
  • * DP: Disc pad, BL: Brake lining, CF: Clutch facing

Liquid resins

Product Name Type Nonvolatile
TD-799 Straight 68-72 300-500 For industrial machinery/heat resistance
1196 Straight 81-85 4000-13000 For industrial machinery/heat resistance
5592 Epoxy modified 53-57 50-110 For wet CF/high durability
BK-1761 Melamine modified 29-31 15 or less For dry CF/μ-stability
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