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Fluoro-olefin Resins

FLUONATE is a solvent-based fluoro-olefin resin for coatings that possess excellent weather resistance. DIC stocks a full lineup of products including those for pigment dispersion and stain resistance.


Product Classification Buildings/Building Materials Marine Vessels/Structures Road Vehicles Electrical Products Machinery Metal
Carpentry/Flooring Other
Solvent Soluble Fluoro-olefin Resins 1 1 2     2    

Product Lineup

FLUONATE Solvent Soluble Fluoro-olefin Resins

Product Number/Name Nonvolatile Content (%) Solvent Names Viscosity (Gardner) Color (Gardner) Acid Value (Varnish) OH Value (Solid Content) Features Applications
K-700 50±1 Toluene, butyl acetate Q-U <4 - 42-54 Ultra-high weather resistance, standard product For exteriors
K-702 50±1 Toluene, butyl acetate S-V <2 - 42-54 Ultra-high weather resistance, pigment dispersibility For exteriors
K-704 60±1 Xylene Y-Z2 <4 - 42-54 Ultra-high weather resistance, workability For exteriors
K-705 60±1 Xylene W-Z <4 1-3 66-78 Ultra-high weather resistance, exposure staining resistance, pigment dispersibility For exteriors
  • (Note) FLUONATE is a hydroxyl-containing fluoro-olefin copolymer with its main chain protected by fluorine. FLUONATE can be used as a normal temperature-cured coating when using polyisocyanate (BURNOCK DN-990S, others) as a curing agent and it can be used as a baking finish when using blocked isocyanate or hexamethoxymethylmelamine.
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