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DIFAREN Multi-layer Film for Packaging

DIFAREN Multi-layer Film for Packaging

DIFAREN is a pioneer in coextruded multi-layer film and is used in many fields with a focus on food packaging.
This product combines the world-wide development abilities of the DIC Group. DIC is not just responding to the diversifying needs of the age that includes proposals to reduce the environmental burden and removing barriers for the elderly, but we are also creating a new era in packaging with superior characteristics and multifunctionality.

Coextruded multi-layer film is produced by a compound molding technique that simultaneously extrudes thermoplastic resin with multiple extruders and passes that through a single die to build up layers of melted resin both on the inside and outside of a film. DIC was the first manufacturer in Japan to produce and sell coextruded multi-layer films by the T-die process in the 1970s.

In various usage situations in packaging, DIC offers the optimal film according to application by adding functions such as bag making suitability, packaging suitability, cold resistance, and heat resistance.

DIFAREN easy-peel films are cast coextruded film.developed for easy-peelable lid to PP,PE,APET containers. They provide an excellent easy-peel property at wide range heat seal temperature.

  • Films developed for bread packaging. As twist bags they combine bag making suitability and package filling suitability and they can be sealed after packaging.

  • Packaging suitability can be improved by setting the seal temperature difference on both sides of the film. DIC has a lineup of films that provide both VFFS and HFFS machinability.

  • These films possess flexibility and cold resistance. They are used for packaging items such as mail-order catalogs.

  • Sealant films used for easy-peel lid materials,developed easy peelable lid to PP,PE,APET containers.

  • It provides excellent oxygen barrier property by using EVOH resin.

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