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Coating Ingredients/ Ink Ingredients

Since epoxy resins and amine curing agents excel in bonding properties with metals, they demonstrate excellent anticorrosion properties when used as coating ingredients. When high molecular weight types are used, coatings have excellent secondary workability, which makes them optimal as PCM primers.
Epoxy resins also have a wide range of viscosities, from solventless types to solvent solution types, which makes them optimal as ink ingredients where viscosity characteristics are important.

Performance Requirements & Major Corresponding Products

  • Bonding Properties

    Epoxy resins feature superb metallic bonding properties, so they are optimal as coating ingredients. In particular, cured coatings with bisphenol epoxy resins and amine curing agents demonstrate high anticorrosion properties by high bonding properties.

  • Workability

    Coating base material conformability is required in PCM where materials undergo secondary processing after coating. By using high molecular weight types, both excellent anticorrosion properties under the thin film and workability can be achieved.

  • Workability

    Epoxy resins matched to the viscosity characteristics of inks are stocked in a broad range from solventless types to solvent solution types.

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