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When using epoxy resins as semiconductor encapsulants, high purity, low moisture absorption, superb curability, high heat resistance, and environmental friendliness (lead-free solder support, non-halogen flame resistance) are primarily required as the desired performance. DIC's epoxy resins feature a lineup of products with characteristics that can meet these requirements.

Performance Requirements & Major Corresponding Products

  • Lead-free Solder Support

    To achieve this ability, low viscosity, a low moisture absorption rate, low elastic modulus when heated, and high bonding properties are effective. DIC recommends products that combine these abilities at a high level.

  • Non-halogen Flame Resistance

    Advanced functions such as flame resistance, heat resistance, moisture resistance, and dielectric characteristics must be combined in cutting-edge electronics fields. DIC recommends products that have combined these characteristics at a high level.

  • High Heat Resistance

    High heat resistance is required in BGA and automotive applications. DIC recommends products with low melt viscosity and excellent curability.

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