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EPICLON Epoxy Resins

Combined with curing agents, epoxy resins demonstrate superior bonding properties, corrosion resistance, and heat resistance, and they are widely used in the fields of coatings, electrical/electronics, civil engineering, construction, and adhesives. DIC stocks a number of products, from general purpose types to specialized types, for these wide-ranging applications.

Hot Products

High-performance epoxy resin that achieves both heat resistance and flame retardancy, which are in a contradictory relationship to each other. The volume change against temperature is also small; therefore, it is the most appropriate epoxy resin to IC sealing material and package substrate which will be increasingly thinner and smaller in the future.

EPICLON HP-4710 is a new epoxy resin developed for cutting-edge electrical component materials that demand excellent heat resistance and low thermal expansion.

A liquid epoxy resin that achieves both flexible toughness and high reliability to resolve the problems of conventional products like high temperature exposure durability, PCT resistance, and acid/alkali resistance.

A new high performance liquid epoxy resin that fundamentally improves the hard, brittle properties that have been a quality problem of epoxy resins.

EPICLON HPC-8000-65T is a new epoxy curing agent developed for cutting-edge electrical component materials that demand excellent dielectric properties (low dielectric constant, low dissipation factor) and low hygroscopic properties.

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