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DIC has been researching methods to synthesize adhesives that do not use organic solvents that greatly affect the environment and the human body. As a result, we have successful developed an adhesive that possess properties that are the equivalent of or higher than those of conventional double-coated adhesive tapes, completely without the use of organic solvents. Solvent-free DAITAC #8800ECO-R double-coated adhesive tape is the first product launched in the world using this new solvent-free adhesive that bonds strongly but is easy to peel-off.


  • A low smell double-coated adhesive tape that produces few VOCs while maintaining the same class of properties as conventional tapes through the use of a high performance emulsion-type acrylic-based adhesive.
  • Does not use any of the 14 types of substances(*) designated by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare's indoor air concentration guideline values (March, 2002).

    • *Designated substances:
      Formaldehyde, toluene, xylene, ethylbenzene, styrene, paradichlorobenzene, chlorpyrifos, tetradecane, dibutyl phthalate, 2-ethylhexyl phthalate, diazinon, acetaldehyde, fenobucarb, nonanal
  • When recycling plastic and metallic parts, this adhesive tape can be peeled-off without performing any special processing such as heating.
  • Because it uses a strong nonwoven fabric with little horizontal or vertical difference in strength, it excels in reworkability and dismantling/sorting workability.


  • Bonding or temporarily securing automotive interior parts, foam materials, various building materials
  • Securing parts for office automation equipment, home appliances, cellular phones, mobile devices
  • In particular, bonding and securing parts that will be recycled
  • VOC and smell reduction measures for securing parts in products used indoors or in enclosed spaces
  • VOC and smell reduction measure for bonding and securing locations that reach high temperatures such as office equipment toner anchor parts, around thin TV bases, around automobile instrument panels


DAITAC #8800ECO-R is a double-coated adhesive tape constructed with a newly developed solvent-free acrylic-based adhesive on both sides of a special non-woven fabric backing.

8800ECO-R Construction

Performance Data

Bonding characteristics

DAITAC #8800ECO-R posses the same excellent adhesive properties of DIC's solvent-type double-coated adhesive tapes. Since parts can be cleanly removed after years of usage, it excels in workability when recycling parts.

Adhesive Solvent-free (emulsion) acrylic-based
Peel strength Stainless steel* N/20 mm


Galvanized steel plate 15.0
ABS 15.0
HIPS 15.0
PC/ABS 15.0
Holding power (40°C, 1 kg, stainless steel*) mm/h 1 >
Adhesive strength at 90° angle and constant stress (23°C, 0.3 kg/10 mm, stainless steel*) mm/h 12
Urethane foam repulsion resistance (70°C, 10 mm angle/180° ECS)   Good: No lifting or peeling
(60°C 90% RH x 7 days)
Stainless steel (SUS304BA)   Good: No remaining adhesive
Galvanized steel plate Good: No remaining adhesive
ABS Good: No remaining adhesive
HIPS Good: No remaining adhesive
PC/ABS Good: No remaining adhesive
  • *SUS304 hairline

VOC Emission Rate

DAITAC #8800ECO-R is able to reduce the VOC emission rate 90% compared to DIC's double-coated adhesive tapes using solvent-type adhesives.

VOC Emission Rate

  • Note: VOC emission rate data may fluctuate according to double-coated adhesive tape production conditions, storage configuration, history (time, storage conditions), testing method, and testing conditions.

Performance Data

  • The data on this webpage is based on DIC testing and data believed to be reliable, but it is provided only as a reference, these values are not guaranteed.
  • Customers should check that this product matches their application and usage.
  • The product specifications may be changed without prior notification. When using this product for the first time, contact DIC beforehand.
  • As for bonding and securing labels, stickers, or parts with this product, or for other applications, this is not a guarantee of avoiding violations of the industrial property rights of third parties.
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